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    Version os x 10.9.2 Apple on Tuesday released an incremental update for its Mavericks operating system, with OS X 10. One complaint is that Apple removed the local sync services, version os x 10.9.2 forces users to get iCloud to sync iOS devices with the desktop OS. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Time to give someone else a chance or coax back Serlet and return to an OS X development cycle that makes more sense than rushed annual releases. It seems like it is still difficult to use applescript to move gmail messages. This is why I would choose to keep All Mail visible. Oh, and by the way. I cannot move messages from the inbox to any folders. If you use the Edit Header List command to define a specific hidden header, you can indeed get a rule to examine that header. Retrieved June 13, 2013. To do this you can use. Do you really think they have someone more competent around or will be able to coax back a man as busy as Serlet? Put your company and products in front of tens of thousands of savvy, committed Apple users who actually buy stuff. So that poor Mac will have to be contented with the former 10 half-baked features. Following a week of trial and error a lot of errorsI was finally able to install last night my first Hackintosh! And with the deficiencies in Apple Mail on both the Mac and iOS, I have no interest to. Yes, I read that somewhere too. Your kilometers may vary. You used to be able to just highlight the message. Apple fixes it 2 months later. Any ideas on a better solution that does not include getting rid of MS Office or Apple contacts needed especially for my iPhone? Joe, have you seen this, or has anyone else? Version os x 10.9.2 Retrieved 22 October 2013. This is why I would choose to keep All Mail visible. The new application allows the user to read books purchased through the iBooks Store. Would you suggest to make the All Mail folder the Archive folder. I cannot believe they did not fix a known destructive bug like this. I am using Attachment Tamer to fix this mess, but it stopped working in 10. Also, System Preferences froze if I attempted to view iCloud settings, and Safari froze immediately upon startup every time, rendering Safari unusable. We also store your address to allow you to verify using other Web browsers in the future.

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